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Some friends where telling me they couldn’t click on the link. Here it is! This is my new music blog I talked about on my previous post. Check it out! :) Love you friens! 

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Hey Friens!!

I created another Tumblr, because I’m starting my own music blog. For those of you who don’t know me much outside of disney, I’m going to school for Music Business and I’m starting to get my foot on the door in the music industry. I started a blog to talk about, artists, music, performances, and anything that has anything to do with the music industry. I just started, but soon they’ll be interviews, videos, and more! If you want to keep updated with what I’m doing follow my new blog! If you’re an artist, maybe you’ll be featured! ;)

I wont be as active on this account anymore, but I might peek around every once in a while. I’m gonna keep it open. Love you all!

you can search my blog as #Beatz or Beatzworld

Also, here’s a link: 



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me:accidentally thinks about something awkward i did three years ago
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Favourite Pixar film endings.

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"I demand unconditional love and complete freedom. That is why I am terrible."
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